February 16, 2008

Remembering the Mahatma?

I found a piece of newspaper today. So? Behind the door, on the rest room floor it lay. So? It read 'Remembering the Mahatma.' Someone had 'happened' to drop it, probably unaware that they had, and left it lying there, or may be it was a gust of wind--who knows!

Whatever, the Mahatma, with his life sketch and his ideologies lay there unnoticed--behind the door. I retrieved the paper, redeemed it (if I may say so!) But could I retrieve the Mahatma? Leave alone redeeming him!

He has been dropped by the world today! Or should I say the winds of the times have (sheer symbolism eh!)...but is this where he and his ideologies belong now? On the floor, to be trodden over by people! The man who fought all his life, and even gave it up, to uplift the downtrodden! He's better off forgotten for sure, I'd say, than meet this fate! He, a 'father' to the nation then, a 'Father of the Nation' now--merely to be mentioned in books and newspapers that are trodden over...

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