April 20, 2013

With atrocities to women taking alarming proportions, who wants to lose peace of mind and sleep and what not, in the name of having daughters?

 A 23 year old here, a 10 year old there...a five year old, a 50 year old, a spy suspect, a war prisoner...I wonder where and what we're headed to, and where the stop is! If there is one, of course.

There have been talks and condemnation of female infanticide and foeticide over and over, time and again, Their being associated to family honour and so on too sees the disapproving eye with "why associate them with family honour?".

"Well, why not?!"

With atrocities to women taking alarming proportions, would people want to lose peace of mind and sleep and what not, in the name of having daughters?

What is the man supposed to do? Go out to earn his family's livelihood, or sit guard on his womenfolk? And, if he sits guarding them, who gets the bread home?!

Those that have and bring up daughters live constantly through the hell called 'the fear (the trauma) of the daughter being assaulted, violated any minute'! Some come out unscathed, others end up being not so lucky.

And what next?
Marry her off to some brute who'll beat her for more dowry...burn her alive?!
Die of shame if she was violated, for there's no groom to ever wed her (or even her sister/s), there's no neighbourhood that will let you and her be, that will let you and her heal--so there's no 'normal' life for them, if there can be one, that is.

Where lie the roots of female infanticide/foeticide, then? And their association with family honour? It is high time we think hard on this one!

No, this is no justification for female infanticide/foeticide. These are atrocities too, and call for condemnation big time! These could serve as excuses...even reasons though.
...the thought process?

We have to make the world safe for women (age no bar)!

"Yea, so what's new in this? Don't we all already know this?" You'd want to say.

"Sure! You surely do! This isn't new(s) of course! Okay, so give us the new/s--what is your bit in helping make the world safe for women?

...As safe as it is for men, to begin with."

January 19, 2013

Dare I say?

Why do movies with item numbers make a bigger dent on the box office? Why does an item number always make it, even if the movie bombs? Why do movies 'have' item numbers, to begin with?
Right! We all have the answer...

There's no denying that we are a country of the masses, and are we talking masses around, these days?

Well, ours is a closed society, a closed culture, where most of the population still is far far from the 'urban' world. Here most families still have their daughters clad from head to toe, tucked into the deeper recesses of their homes--literate or not...sheltered, 'protected'!

Yes, ours is a closed society, a closed culture, but the fabric isn't sturdy as new anymore! It's not without peep holes!

What's all this here, about?

Well, aren't there guys that say why they 'enjoy' women's tennis games on TV? Or that they find dogs better off for their just whenever...with just 'whoever' advantage?

Oh yea! We are a closed society, a closed culture still, but not without these peep holes--the tennis in shortest of short skirts, the item numbers...the count just begins here!

It's the beginning of transition...a journey that's never easy! We have cities with their upcoming urbans juxtaposed with the 'not urban yet', still...and there have to be consequences!

Just the other day there was report of some north Indian states having a high ratio of crimes with a sexual orientation, and a low women to men ratio. Well, isn't the picture clear then? Do we need everything said out loud and clear?!

A closed patriarchal society, with members among the masses who excite at the sight of mere mini skirts in a game of tennis, teased by the likes of item numbers and left to fend for themselves...

Oh yea, there's people being heard saying girls have to be more clad, and not instigate crimes against them...and there's ridicule of it! But let's look at it. It's not all baseless! Yes, there are such crimes against fully clad women, and even little girls, then aren't the less clad ones easier targets, given that they would excite fancies easier?! No! We definitely aren't talking 'rights' here!

Ours has been a land of segregation, of purdah (veil) for many a century, and it's bound to enrage the the guardians of such a society, to see the purdahs being discarded...well, have we ever thought why this purdah even came into being, in the first place? No, I'm no advocate of it...of anything, nor a critic!

Well, why did women start 'jauhars'? Oh yea, they did it on their own...the cause, the reason not being 'their own' of course!

If we come to asking questions, there would be no end to it! Did we ever think, 'when it's between kings and kingdoms, why do the women of the overtaken almost always have to pay the price with their honour'? Be it a holocaust, an army siege...no matter what!

Well, for that matter, why do some countries need extreme punishments such as stoning to death/hanging for crimes against women?

It all needs to be thought through, and thought well...