December 16, 2007

"I say this, b'coz I luv you!"

If you feel it, say it--with words many,
or just a few, with your eyes or thoughts,
your silence too...
your gentle acts and gestures kind--in every way that you can find.
"They know it," you think, "I've said it before.
It's OK if I don't anymore."
OK is it? maybe...but they'd rather you say it.
I'm sure...try it...they'll love it!
Yes, they will--gentle words,
like gentle showers on scorched souls!

December 10, 2007

Delirious, come ecstasy or pain,
Reach out for it, ah! It's naught!
Clouds the eye, what's all mundane.
Let go! O! Let go!
What'll stay, why hold in vain!
Care! O care!
There's no again!

December 8, 2007


I just happened to read someone's views, in their blog, about Pakistan skipper Shoaib Malik's statement at the ICC World Twenty20 award ceremony after the final match. "...a disgustingly ridiculous remark which I would go to the extent of describing as communal or even racist," he said, "...Who the trash cares about your thanks-giving desires for the Muslim world, Mr. Malik? Hasn’t the newly appointed captain been told that he represented Pakistan - the nation in the T20 world cup, NOT Muslim - the religion." their blog went on, and "...Linking his appalling statement to the context of the match re-emphasizes the growing concern that many Indians, me being one of them, have: Do a majority of Muslims pick the religion over the nation (and humanity, talking at a larger scale)?"

"I want to thank everyone back home in Pakistan and Muslims all over the world. Thank you very much and I'm sorry that we didn't win, but we did give our 100 per cent," is what Malik said, at the presentation ceremony.

Didn't the auther step into the very shoes of the person whose remarks he just described as 'racist,' and 'ridiculous.' Why! I'd like to ask, can't we bring ourselves to rise above such trivialities, as labeling people? This blogger's thoughts, I'd say reek as much of communalism as did Malik's remark! More so indeed, for, Maliks didn't have a chance to 'preview,' and 'edit' what he said!

All this always brings me back to the same thought...why can't we put it behind our backs! Why can't we accept Pakistanis and Indians as we accept people of other countries! Isn't it political play or lust for power (whatever you choose to call it,) that's behind all the ill that ever emanated from these countries for the other!

It'd help purge our societies and religions am sure, if we, the common people, at least the so called 'educated,' lot rise above this all! Ofcourse! I include myself too in it.