February 9, 2008

An epiphany...this? Nah!

I read this beautiful book 'Shalimar the clown,' in which the protagonist walks a thin, line of a rope, in mid air! It's all about keeping the balance! He believes...

Well, don't we all do this most of our lives...Yes! We do. We tread the thin line between love and hatred, sanity and insanity, at some point in time or other, and, this thin line between hope and expectation, at all times, almost! One moment we are hopeful of something, and the next, we're in the grips of expectation! We can't even make out when we moved over to the other side! So subtle is the transition!

There comes a point in his life, when 'Shalimar the clown,' crosses over, on to the other side of the thin line between love and hatred. A hatred beyond reason! beyond the limits of sanity! So subtle a transition, he fails to realize it has happened! That, he no more walks this thin line between sanity and insanity...that, he has crossed over! He's off balance, the expert!

Balance! yes, that's the art...we must try hard, come what may, and strive at all times, to keep the 'balance,' lest we fall...expert or not!

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