August 22, 2007


Most of us would have been taught about this tube-shaped optical device, in our middle school Physics curriculum, as one of the many uses of mirrors, as an application of diffusion of light and reflection. Little did we realise then, how much our lives resemble it.

Life is a perfectly set pattern of glass fragments, every tiny piece in it contributing to it's 'perfectness,' till time gives it a twist and unsettles the pieces. The pieces, they fall into place again, set into a pattern, colorful as the earlier one, yet very different. Old order gives way to new, and we find ourselves, part of an entirely new world. Our lives set into a new pattern, almost in the blink of an eye. We look back amazed--marvelling at the ever-changing face of life.

It all seems unbelievable now, what was reality sometime ago! So unimaginable, yet true, for, it has left an indelible mark on our memories. We'd hardly have emerged from our wonderment, gaping still, when it's time for another shake, time to see life take-on other hues and set into yet another pattern.

And life moves on...

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