October 10, 2007

...they'll come to me.

I miss them so, those thoughts of mine, that irked me till I was sleepless. Now that I sit back and reflect, they visit me so less frequently. Care and worry, the daily businesses of life, have eroded them from me. Bring back O Wind! O Moon! please bring back my estranged thoughts to me. I'll tell them that this is life, and here you can't always have company. You need some time to think your thoughts, and know what can't and what can be.

Move on we must, all of us, and partake of what life calls 'destiny.'
Move on we must, all of us, milestones we are not to be.
Yes! move on ahead, change with the change.
That's what life expects, of you, and of me.

When they have learnt these ways of life, I'll let them move on, I'll let them be. For now, oh! please, bring them to me. I need to handle them tenderly. Those thoughts, so young, may wither soon, if left as yet, to weather life's savagery.

No! force them not, against their will. Let them, of their own, come to me. I miss them so, yes I do, lying sleepless, though they don't irk me. Miss them so, yes I do, yet I respect their entity.

Force them not, those thoughts of mine, of their will, someday, they'll come to me.

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