April 28, 2012

Curfewed Night by Basharat Peer: A Review

Curfewed NightCurfewed Night by Basharat Peer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A heart-wrenching saga of a people trapped between layers upon layers of bureaucracy, politics, systems, processes and the like, in the name of, for the sake of independence, religion, justice. A saga that leaves one chilled to the very bones, yet warmed to their immense faith and hope, in the face of all adversities and sheer atrocities they breathe every breath through, in the name of 'life', in the hope of 'life'.

They are all trapped--the locals, the militants, the soldiers, the paramilitaries--in processes, in being parts of processes...all of them dead, either in bodies or in souls, having to bury and cremate the individuals they had once been, as the author puts it.

Leaves me compelled to reach out to the people so like us, yet rendered so different at the hands of the strife!

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