June 1, 2008

Of being indispensable

If I can make even a small difference to someone's life with a thought, a word, a gesture, or a deed, I should be more than willing--I should happily do it! It is very important though, that I realize I don't, rather can't, make 'all the difference' even if they say so!

There is no one, nothing that is indispensable in this world...
When someone says they miss us, or want us to be with them, or something to this effect, we shouldn't think they can't 'be' without us. We should know, that what they mean is, we make some (and not 'the') difference to their lives, which they can, of course, live without us...live well too! It's about adding to the value of something...not about being 'the value' of it, or being indispensable, in other words.

We live when the sun shines, and also when the fog blots it out completely...we must remember this!

If they miss us, they value us, our presence...let's not get carried away thinking we're the 'be all and end all.' We're certainly not! We can be important, but indispensable, certainly not!

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