January 5, 2008

Strange it is!

Strange! yes strange it is, how our psyche work. We value little, what we have, and let go of it, very easily. Then, one fine day, when it's not all that available, we find ourselves pulled to it! Be it tree lined roads or our life styles!

Any real estate brochure / ad you see today, boasts of the housing society providing a fresh-n-green environment, roads lined with trees! Didn't we have all this before and lost it because we didn't care a bit! If you get it for free, you can't help not care about it! Spending money on it adds materialistic value to it and people pay that little extra (not so 'little' at times) to get it.

We all aspire to, and even get ourselves big, spacious houses, and then, we look for places to holiday in, where we can stay in huts or tents! The grass on the other side...!

Wherever you go in Hyderabad, these days, you see them blasting/drilling through/cutting rocks--yes the boulders that lent beauty to the terrain! And then, they pay for 'landscaping' for the colonies they build. Huge boulders forming an integral part of the landscaping! (This reminds me of something I wanna relate here. Recently, a patch of land was cleared of the boulders, and 'Hill View Villas' constructed there, looking over the rest of the boulder-strewn patch. Now, some months later, the 'Hill View' of the villas is being blasted off, to build 'Silicon Villas.' Will the former, now, be renamed 'Silicon Villas View Villas!' Funny eh!)

Know what! intake of Aloe Vera juice is quite popular with all the naturopathy enthusiasts these days! Well, this is hardly news! is it? Certainly not. Would we have given it an ear if it had been our granny asking us to have some ghritkumari juice? We'd have given her a "oh! not again" look--raised eye brows et al! Now, when you get the same 'ghritkumari' fashionably called 'Aloe Vera,' packaged as gel and juice and what not, with big price tags, who doesn't buy it--there'll be lots who'll drive down to the other end of the city to get it from! Well...what say you? 'Absence makes the heart grow fond,' or 'pine for what is naught,' I'm sorry! 'what is not'? Our reverting to organic foods is another sure mention here! (a full circle!)...need I say more?

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